Built Strong. Built Affordable.

Empowered Difference


Strength and Integrity

Structurally rated to 146 PSF (pounds per square foot) of transverse wind load. 

This innovative system boasts beyond a category 5 hurricane rating. As a comparison, a category 5 has a PSF rating to 63 PSF.

Innovative Materials

5.5" thick state of the art Styrofoam with 16 gauge steel studs 16" on centre. The system bolts to a concrete pad with no requirements for concrete or Rebar steel in the walls. Our interiors include luxurious modern finishings, including stone tops, engineered flooring, and stainless steel appliances.

Environmentally Friendly

Our system is environmentally responsible. The 5.5" Styrofoam works as a structural element while adding additional insulation to the wall panel, increasing the energy rating beyond R40 on exterior walls. This offers SIGNIFICANT savings with electrical costs and running an AC unit. 

Efficiency Realized

Our lightweight materials are easier to work with reducing build times and material costs. In some environments this can be a significant advantage.