Built Strong. Built Affordable.



On this page you are seeing our build site located in the North East of Freeport on one of the canal systems. Pictures where taken on September 4 th after Hurricane Dorian. The site was hit with a 25 foot storm surge being pushed by winds gusting up to 200 mph. The only damage  sustained was by a loaded 20 foot container being pushed by the wind. It is truly remarkable that our build system stood up to such a test. Building strong, building proud. Empower building systems. 

We can help rebuild Grand Bahama.

The Campaign


On September 2nd Hurricane Dorian made Landfall in the Bahamas. It was the strongest Hurricane to ever hit the island nation. The devastation is unprecedented on both Abaco and Grand Bahama. 25-foot storm surge and 200 mph winds battered the island for several days destroying many people's homes, businesses, and wreaking havoc on the island's infrastructure.

Cordell DaSilva, a local businessman from Canada witnessed hurricane Dorian firsthand. Cordell is there building two homes as part of an initiative to bring a new affordable, sustainable, and durable building system to the Caribbean.  This particular building system was fast-tracked by the Bahamian government because of its eco-friendly design, speed to completion, and strength/ability to withstand category 5 hurricane-force winds.

The build was only at main floor level completion and was found still standing strong after being pummeled on the canal by a 25-foot storm surge powered by 185-200 mph winds. It is truly remarkable that this system stood up to such a test.

Now he believes he was destined to live through this catastrophic event so that he and his wife could help the amazingly warm and wonderful people of the Bahamas recover and own affordable, strong shelter.

We are fundraising to help build both single-family and multi-family shelter throughout the islands. Donations of money, construction material, labour, appliances, or architecture/engineering consulting would all be very helpful. All donations will go towards getting as many homes built for as many people as possible as fast as possible.

The support we receive will greatly increase our ability to execute on Cordell's vision of providing an affordable, sustainable, and durable building system to the people of the islands.